No extraordinary application "MHRS", downloaded worldwide for "Android", has gained recognition due to its combination - the application contains information about the Ministry of Health's doctor appointment system, which allows the user to track all the details of interest in this area.

Application Essence

It can be downloaded from "APPIX360". The website immediately provides a free "apk" file, which does not require any hassle during the download.

"MHRS" functions as a fast doctor appointment system, the appointment itself is free, as is the installation of the application on the device. The application is connected to all Turkish state hospitals, includes dental centers, and helps citizens conveniently choose an appointment time that matches the doctor's schedule.


There is no longer a need to stand in long queues. The application allows you to schedule appointments and track all changes in the doctor's schedule. The user will be able to:

  • find out the date and time of the appointment;
  • track the availability of the desired doctor at the hospital;
  • cancel appointments if unable to attend on the designated day.


"MHRS" has a simple and intuitive interface that can be handled by children and the elderly. A large list of doctors working at the required hospital gives the right to choose the necessary one, and the ability to find out reviews (rating) about the doctor is provided.

The application offers its users the opportunity to gain a unique experience. A person can not only choose the desired specialist but also enter their own data (or information about their illness). The user has electronic access to the doctor's cabinet, where they can provide all the necessary information about themselves.

Appointment Scheduling Steps

The first step is for the user to select the desired doctor based on their preferences.

The second step is for the patient to choose a date and time for the appointment, agreed upon with the electronically presented schedule.

The third step is to enter the login data necessary for accessing the system and the application.

Three simple steps without queues, risks of infection, or ending up with the wrong doctor make "MHRS" a sought-after application for anyone who considers convenience and speed as the top priority.

The application is available in dozens of languages and is supported not only by the application monitoring center but also by the appointment system with government doctors, which provides consultation assistance to users in cases where they have questions.

  • Versión de Android: Android 4.4+
  • Arquitectura: universal
  • Firma: a81266d5a4cdb71913f4bdb16d921b7ef7cd90df
  • Clasificación de contenido: Everyone
  • Permisos

  • Idiomas soportados
    Idiomas soportados
    • اللغة العربية
    • Deutsch
    • English
    • Русский
    • Türkçe
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